360 GOAT

Are you the 'greatest of all time"?

become a member of the "GOAT" tribe! Apply below.

We specialize in virtual real estate tours, as well other online interactive, immersive property experiences.

Get in on the ground floor of an emerging market - we need editors, photographers, and tour builders!

Why work with us?

1. Training, support, and systems - we provide all three! This is the new way homes and businesses are marketed and experienced - in 360 degrees - from anywhere, anytime, any device.

2. We work together to grow the business in your local market and provide all the systems and support you need.

3. We only do property tours, a great new opportunity or a side hustle that won't interfere with your other work.

4. Growth opportunity - if you are efficient, detailed, and driven - your income will grow through repeat business and new services as we add more along the way.

5. Goats are fun. All approved Team Members get a free 360 Goat!*

*Most likely not a real goat.

A group of goats is called a 'tribe'

cool, right?!

we respect the time, talent, and treasure each of us brings to our clients, our team, and our internal culture.

how do we work together?


Keep it simple

You shoot and send us the footage. We host the platform, edit and build the tours, and do all the admin and marketing/branding for your local market. We set you up with all the tools and techniques that you will need to shoot great 360 photos and video, and build floor plans. You shoot, we edit, host and do everything else for you and the client!


Flexible Scheduling

Our client's need some felxibility in their schedule depending on factors we cannot control, such as weather - we accomodate and our photographers are required to be flexible as well.


Project Hosts

Our internal and external Project Hosts work with the client, our "Goats", Editors, and Tour Buliders to make sure that everyone along the way get's great value and great product.


We pay you to go a property as either an employee or contractor, shoot photos with a special 360 camera, and send us the footage. It's theat simple! But we help you bulid your business, and provide all the backend support, systems, billing, and more. You can also earn extra income by upselling additional add-on services and packages.


Tribe and Team Attitude

We respect your professionalism, and ou r client's needs. Our Project Hosts and systems guide the process, help with billing and scheduling, and handle all the payments.


Gear and Goatwear

We have options for approved photographers to get professional cameras and approved, branded, Goatwear for presenting a professional appearance on location - without spending a lot of cash up front. Submit the application and let's get to know each other!


Advanced Services

We offer additional add-on services such as Brochures, 3D Mapping, and more. Our "GOATs" can offer and introduce more services to their local client base.